Since 1937, the possession and recreational use of marijuana by adults who have reached the age of 21 years has been strictly forbidden in the USA. In 2013, everything changed (thanks, Colorado!). But last year distinguished himself not only by this.
For example, before the “Cannabis Cup” in 2013, the most powerful of the known marijuana varieties contained 25.49% of THC. However, this record was beaten six (!) Times in the Cannabis Cup in 2013 – twice in Los Angeles (February), four times in Denver (April). The new record holder was grass, the level of TGC in which exceeds 28%.
The results of marijuana analysis conducted in various independent laboratories showed that the average level of THC in cannabis has increased significantly over the past three years. Of course, this was influenced by the direct legalization of ganja in several states and states of the United States, the emergence of dozens of medical marijuana initiatives around the world, information on cannabis and the current level of development of breeding and genetics became more accessible.


Gorilla Cookies is our pick

This amazing strain has been tested at around 30% THC in recent lab results in the USA. Gorilla cookies strain is developed with Cookie Wreck & Gorilla Glue genetics.


Other Extremely Strong THC Strains

A-Dub (Southern California Patients Association)

The winner of the Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, A-Dub is the latest variation of the OG, Sour D and Chem D hybrid. Officially, the brand is nominated as a hybrid of Sour Double and Alien Dog. His unfolded pedigree looks like this: (Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble) x (Alien Technology x Chemdog), where the Alien Tech indicator is a clean landrace. Despite this, the consequences of using this type of marijuana are more balanced than might be expected from a powerful indie, and the taste is sweeter than one can imagine.

The “Medical Cannabis Cup” in Denver was distinguished by the epic phenotype OG Kush, very reminiscent of the old OG No. 18, released once “Reserva Privada”. R-18 has a more pronounced taste of Sour Diesel and gasoline background notes of the family Chem. Hybrid won first place in the Cannabis Cup in 2013, which in itself is unusual, because too powerful varieties rarely take first place in the competition. And R-18 is just such a variety (the content of THC in it exceeds 27%). However, the successful profile of the terpenes added a sort of R-18 attractiveness in the eyes of the jury.